Legendary film director Martin Scorsese once said, “A person that can fake sincerity has the world in the palm of their hands.” While faking sincerity may be disingenuous, it isn’t as bad of an infraction as telling a bold-faced lie. Fortunately, all levels of misrepresentations of the truth can now be identified by way of incredible lie detector tests, which have benefited greatly from recent advancements in audio and computer technology. Here are three of the many everyday scenarios that can be greatly enhanced by the implementation of a voice-analysis lie detector test.

Hiring Employees

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, having easy to use computer-based lie detector test can help you to avoid all types of possible disasters. In the corporate world, the hiring process is often a highly competitive and even cutthroat environment where candidates go to great lengths in order to put their best foot forward. Unfortunately, the act of putting a best foot forward often involves lies of all sizes, ranging from a slight fudging of a previous salary to a complete fabrication of education history and degrees attained. Modern day voice-analysis software allows you to do a screening of an applicant without them even being aware of it, something that was previously unheard of in the world of lie detector tests.

Additionally, parents can use the tests discreetly while going through the process of hiring a babysitter or nanny for their child. For instance, if the software determines that a person is lying in response to an inquiry about them having ever been in trouble with the law, then owning a lie detector test can actually be the difference between putting your child in the hands of a trustworthy or untrustworthy individual.

Phone Conversations

Thanks to modern day innovations that can decipher specific vocal patterns and algorithms in the human voice, phone conversations can now be put through the wringer of truth. By recording a conversation and playing it back or simply having a clear speakerphone and a nearby computer, you can easily and conveniently analyze the truthfulness of the words on the other end of the line. The female pop group Destiny’s Child had a wildly popular hit around the turn of the century in which a woman was demanding that her man to verbally verify that he was not in the presence of another woman by asking him to say her name out loud several times. With today‚Äôs at-home lie detector test, you’ll be able to know the truth without having to ask confrontational questions.

Picking a Candidate

All people who run for political office have slip ups, but some of them tell lies far more often than others. By applying lie detector test software to a public speech or a televised debate, you’ll be able to see through the murky waters of politics and make highly informed choices.