eX-Sense Home Polygraph

Developed in Israel, eX-Sense is the most advanced and powerful Personal Voice-Analysis system ever, and the easiest one to use.  eX-Sense’s patented SENSE technology is the commercial/home version of LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) which has been used in government, airport and military applications.

eX-Sense can be used with live conversations using the included phone adapter or with pre-recorded conversations!

With up to 99% accuracy, eX-Sense software allows you to identify your subject’s level of excitement (positive and negative), their level of cognitive or psychological conflict, stress levels,hesitations, concentration & anticipation, as well as deeper emotional states like love and lust. Use eX-Sense with your PC microphone or connect it to your telephone (using the FREE included phone connector).

Receive eX-Sense download within 6-12 hours!

eX-Sense has two modes of operation:

1) Risk Mode. This Polygraph or ‘Lie Detection‘ mode is designed to detect various states of mind and emotional reactions such as excitement, confusion, incidental and general stress, as well as more complex emotional states typically indicative of inaccuracies (lies) and higher veracity risk issues.  eX-Sense Risk Mode is now more accurate than ever, up to 99.9%!It uses a simplified display for unplanned conversations.Use the RISK mode to get the truth faster.  Use the online analysis to find out whether your subjects have doubts, what troubles them in an on-going conversation, and when (if at all) they are not being completely honest… RISK Mode is used to detect lies by analysing your target’s stress levels in their voice.
2) Love Modeis a new feature in the world of voice analysis.  It uses an extremely user-friendly interface and conducts conversations to discover those things that really matter. The Love detection algorithm, is the result of more than 4 years of studies and research, and is now within arms reach.  Love mode requires no calibration!

Love Detector takes the guesswork out of discovering someone’s true feelings for you. Use the LOVE mode to make sure your new relationships are on the right track, and find out if the other party is interested before you declare your intentions!

eX-Sense can be used in many ways…

Person to Person – Turn your laptop  into a portable polygraph.  Analyze live conversations or interviews using your computer microphone.  As a deterrent, let your subject know, or analyze without them knowing.
Live or  recorded phone calls – Phone conversations are especially easy to analyze due to the quality.  Recorded phone conversations will give you the opportunity to take your time and complete a better analysis.
Television or speeches – On recorded or live television, find out who’s telling the truth about things like war or even the status of a public company!  Digital TV offers great quality for analyzing.
Recordings – Analyze recorded phone calls or person so person recordings.  Allows extra time for a more detailed analysis.
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